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How to choose the right fit?

Whether it’s tight, slim, regular or relaxed – ASICS has multiple options to meet your needs as an athlete. Take a look at our guide to choosing the fit you prefer for your apparel.


What can I expect from each fit option?

Tight fit
A tight-fitting top that sits closely against your skin. This fit can help to reduce chafing and discomfort, as well as being appropriate for layering. A tight-fitting top can come with or without compression.

Slim fit
A slim-fitted top that skims the body for an aerodynamic performance.

Regular Fit
A top with a traditional fit that’s comfortable without being baggy, that helps you to move freely.

Relaxed Fit
A relaxed-fit top is loose around the body. It’s appropriate for layering over other tighter-fitting tops.

Bra Top

What can I expect from each fit option?

Low support
A low-support bra top with moderate compression gives you complete freedom of movement.
Sports: yoga and pilates

Medium support
A medium-support bra top offers a compressed and comfortable fit, which gives you a dynamic range of motion.
Sports: boxing, cross-fit and spinning

High support
A high-support bra top gives you excellent support for that locked-in feel. 
Sports: running, tennis and dancing